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تسألني حبيبتي
ما الفرق ما بيني وما بين السماء؟
الفرق ما بينكما
أنك إن ضحكت يا حبيبتي
أنسى السماء

My lover asks me:
“What is the difference between me and the sky?”
The difference, my love,
Is that when you laugh,
I forget about the sky.

My Lover Asks Me, (تسألني حبيبتي), Nizar Qabbani  (via erfisperf)

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What Really Happened in the Congo: Belgium’s ‘Heart of Darkness’

Leopold famously said when he was forced to hand over the Congo Free State to the Belgian nation: “I will give them my Congo but they have no right to know what I have done there,” and proceeded to burn archives.


Did y’all know about this?

Worst than Hitler

A little 5 year old girl. What could she have possibly done to deserve that?

Never forget.

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Short Film By AKTproductions Ft. Adhead Discussing the thoughts of the Egyptian minds